Welcome, I am Dr XU,Lei!

I am working at the Publishing Science Department of the School of Information Management (one of the iSchool members) of the Wuhan University. I'm also affiliated to the Center of Digital Humanities in the same school. My PhD thesis, concluded in 2014, is entitled "Research on the Structure of Ontology Network and its Evolution" and was awarded Excellent Doctoral Thesis Prize in Hubei province. It was conducted at the Department of Information Science of the School of Information Management under the supervision of prof. Hui Dong. After receiving my doctorate, I worked at the postdoctoral research station of Management Science and Engineering for 2 years. And then in 2017, I traveled to the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and worked in the Knowlegde Representation and Reasoning Group (KR&R) with cooperation of prof. dr. Frank van Harmelen and prof. dr. Zhisheng Hunag. Currently I am working on how to evaluate the quality of ontology data and how to use semantic techniques to solve problems in humanities and publishing.



  • Media Data Mining
  • Digital Humanities
  • Digital Publishing & Semantic Publishing
  • Semantic Web & Ontology Evaluation & Knowledge Graph







Before 2013

Systems & Tools

  • 2017

    Narrative Image Annotatordeveloped by Lei Xu

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  • 2016

    中小学历史教育语义分析系统developed by Lei Xu


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  • 2012

    中华基本史籍分析系统developed by Lei Xu


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Current Projects

  • [主持]国家自然科学青年基金:网络本体质量及适应性的评估研究,编号71503189,2016-2018;
  • [参与]国家自然科学基金两岸合作研究项目:基于慢病知识管理的智慧养老平台研究,编号:2016-2018
  • [参与]教育部人文社科重点研究基地重大项目“大数据资源语义表示与组织——面向文化遗产领域”项目编号:16JJD870002
  • [主持]武汉大学信息管理学院“双一流”自主科研项目:中文科学论文语义出版研究与实践,编号:,2018-2020

Previous projects

  • [参与] 科技部“科技支撑计划”项目,子课题:动态数字出版关键技术及标准规范研究,课题编号:2012BAH89F03,2014.1-2015.12;System
  • [主持] 中央高校基本科研业务费专项资金——武汉大学研究生自主科研项目 “基于描述逻辑的本体推理机制及其技术研究”项目编号:2012104010202;2012-2014;
  • [参与] 横向项目:中华基本史籍分析系统。项目编号:104-239080,委托单位:北京中华书局。2010-2012;通过湖北省科技厅鉴定;SystemPaper1Paper2Paper3
  • [参与] 科技部973项目子课题:文化遗产数据元多检索与知识发现,项目编号:904171200。2012—2016;
  • [主持] 武汉大学自主科研(人文社会科学)青年项目:网络本体质量评估与选择研究,编号:2016-2017;
  • [主持]中国博士后科学基金第57批面上项目:本体网络结构分析及演化研究,2015-2016,编号2015M572204;
  • [参与] 自科项目:基于数字图书馆的本体演化和知识管理研究,项目编号:70773087。2009-2010;